the soft and chewy melisteli bar

honey, sesame and nuts

with Greek thyme honey ONLY

convenient stick shape and size

not sticky

seriously superfood

with almond

with thyme honey

with hazelnut

Designed to serve the needs of a wide age range with simple and totally familiar ingredients, rich in nutrients and tasteful by nature. The healthier alternative to sweets, offering the maximum beneficial properties of Sesame seeds of specific origin and quality. Bound only with real thyme honey. In three combinations Plain, with almonds or with hazelnuts. Rich in honey with exceptional taste, that makes it easily lovable. A wholesome and energy-boosting portion of food, with clean label and gluten free. In a modern and highly convenient shape and size, reviving authentic tastes.

the thinnest pasteli pastry sheets

super thins

tenderly crunchy

excellent quality and taste

convenient packaging of three sesame thins

with love and sesame

the thinnest
pasteli pastry sheets
with Ceylon cinnamon

the thinnest
pastry sheets

the thinnest
pasteli pastry sheets
with dark chocolate

The most gentle, crispy, finely cut pasteli pastry sheets you have ever tasted! They are the most delicate choice for a sweet escape anytime of the day. A traditional treat with special aesthetics and quality for everyone. With love and sesame, in well calculated individual packages, they provide the necessary energy and pleasure and combine masterfully elementary ingredients of high quality. You will find them in three flavors, classic, with Ceylon cinnamon and with authentic dark chocolate.