finely cut pasteli pastry sheets

excellent quality
and taste

modern packaging

the right price

A new taste experience…

A wonderful story of tastefulness. Like a fairy tale of the old days. When everything was made out of wisdom. By people, who knew how to masterfully make recipes. This is how traditions are built. With love and wisdom. And they only need respect and consistency, in order to withstand the test of time.

It is with this philosophy and inspiration, that Mouzaki brings forth the tradition and keeps it constantly ahead. Showing persistence in the pursuit of quality and aesthetics, Mouzaki reinvents tradition, adapting it to modern day life.

We give emphasis to the quality of the ingredients we use and we select our raw materials, based on their flavorful attributes and how harmoniously they blend in each of our products.

At Mouzaki’s, we consider a high art of life, being able to produce and offer snacks, that benefit health and are molded out of a tradition, that stays always… ahead in time.

And this is certified by the fact that the Mouzaki company is continuously present in big super market chains and retailing shops(such as mini markets and kiosks), since 2010.

Each and every one of our products, bears the knowledge of how, the honesty of how much and the distinct alternative of what to eat, amidst a plethora of deceitful snacks.

the thinnest
pasteli pastry sheets
with Ceylon cinnamon

small halva
with dark chocolate

the thinnest
pastry sheets

small halva
with vanilla

the thinnest
pasteli pastry sheets
with dark chocolate


small halva
with vanilla & cocoa


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